It Lives Again!

For a while there, we were sure it was dead. Like that scene in E. T. where the machine that goes “beep” no longer goes “beep”, and you cry because E. T. is gone and it’s all horribly sad. And then all of a sudden he moves, and is all like “phone home” and the audience is like “yay” and you go out and party and get drunk and have an orgy and the aliens finally land on earth FOR REAL and things are AMAZING!

It’s like that with Playground right now. The Danes have arrived to make it all better again.

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Four pages from issue #1

Issue 1 - Four pages

Here are four pages from our first issue, which will be released at the Knudepunkt festival in Denmark.

The theme of the first issue of Playground is bleed, the way fictional experiences affect people and how our lives affect our fictional experiences. What happens when you fall in love with a videogame character? When you ask your neighbor to murder you in the name of art? Is it possible to make a game about a subject like gang rape? Apart from bleed, we also talk about larp in Poland, the S&M games of J. Tuomas Harviainen and getting laid through roleplay.


From “Creation of a Killer”:

First pageSecond page

From “9/11 and Back to the future”:

First pageSecond page

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