Larp Symposium

Larp Symposium 2011

A larp conference designed to improve cooperation between Italian larpers and to promote the exchange of ideas between larpers from Italy, Europe and the world. In Trieste 30. September – 2. October 2011.

The Larp Symposium in Trieste Collegalli, between Florence and Pisa, Tuscany, will feature a program line in English, to encourage international participation. Picture from A Week in Venice 2010.

Web: Larp Symposium
Photo: Jasmine El Hadj

Article by Ole Peder Giæver

Deadly Italian Ravens


The second Italian indie – RavenDeath – was released in November, with an English language edition due in March. The game is about vendetta, revenge, and to our knowledge features no penguins.

Web: RavenDeath (In Italian, English with Google Translate).

Illustration: Silvia Pelissero

Article by Ole Peder Giæver