Solmukohta 2012 wants your brilliance!

Solmukohta 2012 - Knot

This years Knutepunkt/Knudepunkt/Knutpunkt/Solmukohta-conference will be in Finland and is therefore known as Solmukohta 2012!

The dates are April 12-15 and registration is said to open in January. As always the conference is packed with people telling you (hopefully) interesting stuff about roleplaying or engaging you in an awesome workshop or game.

However, to be able to put together a program Solmukohta needs you and your fresh or just great ideas. This year the theme is design which you may or may not fit your item into.

In support of Helsinki’s status of World Design Capital 2012 the theme for Solmukohta 2012 is design. What does design mean in live action and other forms of roleplaying? What is game design and how does it overlap with – and relate to – other forms of design? Why do we design and who do we design for? We want to explore the core of game design and talk about its different forms, trends, possibilities and future. Should design always aim for something extraordinary and exquisite, or is it possible to dress up in our old elf ears and let the wind blow through our dusty capes in a design fantasy setting? What qualifies as design?
Solmukohta 2012 – Call for program

Deadline for program-items is February 28th.

For some Knude-inspiration you can also watch the video from Knudepunkt 2011.

Web: Solmukohta

The Dream of a King and other tales

Illustration: Joel Sammallahti

– The scenarios competing in the Danish roleplaying convention Fastaval are reputed to be among the best in the world, yet they’re rarely played outside Denmark because they’re mostly in Danish, says editor Juhana Pettersson.

Unelma Keltaisesta kuninkaasta ja muita tanskalaisia roolipelejä (The Dream of a King in Yellow and other Danish roleplaying games) is a collection of Fastaval scenarios translated into Finnish. It’s the first time Fastaval scenarios have been published
as a collection in any foreign language.

Web: Book page (In Finnish, English with Google Translate).
Illustration: By Joel Sammallahti, from the cover of the book, based on the game Arken by Alex Uth

Article by Ole Peder Giæver

Happy feet

Happy Feet
Ever wanted to play a tragic penguin hero? Watch out for the Danish and English translations of Ikuisuuden laakso (The Valley of Eternity) by Juhana Pettersson. The Finnish indie RPG will be out in Danish early 2011, and the English edition sometime later the same year.

The Valley of Eternity is set in the eternal cold of the Antarctic continent, and features noble, yet lonely, penguin heroes and their sublime philosophical powers, and savage anti-penguins who become as one with the glacier. In Ikuisuuden laakso, the hero will always die alone and unloved.

Web: Ikuisuuden laakso (In Finnish, English with Google Translate).
Webshop: Boostep

Illustration: Jonna Lylykangas

Article by Ole Peder Giæver

Finnish Troll Punks

Finnish Troll Punks
Neonhämärä is a Finnish pervasive streetlarp campaign which started in the autumn of 2008. Episodes 10 and 11 are scheduled for March and June 2011.

– It’s about regular people getting mixed up in some weird happenings in modern Helsinki. One of the goals is to help players see their own home town in a different light, and also to make players think about themes related to the occult, spiritual growth and different world views, says organizer Simo Järvelä.

Gameplay emphasizes social interaction. There are roughly 25-30 regular players, plus 0-15 supporting cast.

Web: Neonhämärä (In Finnish, English with Google Translate).

Photo: Flickr/suviko

Article by Ole Peder Giæver