Happy feet

Happy Feet
Ever wanted to play a tragic penguin hero? Watch out for the Danish and English translations of Ikuisuuden laakso (The Valley of Eternity) by Juhana Pettersson. The Finnish indie RPG will be out in Danish early 2011, and the English edition sometime later the same year.

The Valley of Eternity is set in the eternal cold of the Antarctic continent, and features noble, yet lonely, penguin heroes and their sublime philosophical powers, and savage anti-penguins who become as one with the glacier. In Ikuisuuden laakso, the hero will always die alone and unloved.

Web: Ikuisuuden laakso (In Finnish, English with Google Translate).
Webshop: Boostep

Illustration: Jonna Lylykangas

Article by Ole Peder Giæver