Larp-informed art movie

Photo: Marian Goodman Gallery

French artist Pierre Huyghe his film The Host and the Cloud at the Marian Goodman Gallery in New York this spring. The artist has been unavailable for comment, but the gallery confirms that “he definitely used these methods for directing the actors in The Host and the Cloud, LARP (Live action role playing) but also ARG (Alternate Reality Game)”.

Web: Pirre Huyghe
Photo: Marian Goodman Gallery, Still image from “The Host and the Cloud” video installation

Article by Ole Peder Giæver

Can I Be With You?

Photo: Oak Wattanai Chanakot

Sweden-based artist Oak Wattanai Chanakot is performing a «participatory process work where individuals are invited to experience a close relationship of their choice with me for a short period of time». 

– The participants, who answer an advertisement posted in public forums, describe the plot and the character that I play. The setting of the performance can be in personal private or public places, the artist says.

– I have done several roles since June 2011. For 2 hours to a weekend, I had been a brother, a friend, a boyfriend and something in-between!

– The goal of the performance is to be together as in a close relationship. After each performance, my participant and I would discuss and reflect on our experience.

The picture is from one of his performances.

Web: Can I be with You?
Photo: Oak Wattanai Chanakot

Article by Ole Peder Giæver