The future of Playground Magazine

Dear Playground readers,

This last year has been interesting, fun, challenging and troublesome. We’ve got three issues out, and the fourth one is being done as I’m writing this.

And it will be our final issue.

Update: Playground will continue with a new Danish editor during 2012.

Playground Magazine

Anyone who’s worked with a magazine will know what challenges it poses to keep things running, especially financially; and if you’ve been involved in any project based on voluntary work, you know how hard it is to keep some of the key spots filled in. Sadly, we haven’t been able to reach a critical mass of subscribers, and if we continue longer than this, we will, in essence, have to pay for the magazine out of our own pockets. (Which is, to some extent, happening already).

It’s still possible, for a while, to buy back issues; you can even buy all four for the price of a one-year subscription. We’ve taken down the subscription page, so people won’t be misled – but just contact us at for more information.

We have tried to be fair in all our dealings, and will continue to try. If, after receiving #4, you feel you haven’t received your money’s worth, please let us know at and we’ll sort things out.

As I said, it’s been an interesting year. I, personally, believe this magazine, or something like it, should exist. However, we – the current team of editors and designers – won’t be the ones to make it happen. If you think you are, I hope you do make it happen! Let us know if there’s anything you want to know from us, at


Matthijs Holter
Soon-to-be-ex-Chief Editor of Playground Magazine

2 thoughts on “The future of Playground Magazine

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