It Lives Again!

For a while there, we were sure it was dead. Like that scene in E. T. where the machine that goes “beep” no longer goes “beep”, and you cry because E. T. is gone and it’s all horribly sad. And then all of a sudden he moves, and is all like “phone home” and the audience is like “yay” and you go out and party and get drunk and have an orgy and the aliens finally land on earth FOR REAL and things are AMAZING!

It’s like that with Playground right now. The Danes have arrived to make it all better again.

From #5, Kasper Friis Hansen will be the Chief Editor of Playground. It will be run from Rollespilsakademiet, who are also the publishers of the Danish magazine “ROLLE|SPIL”. We expect great things from these descendants of Hamlet. (Did he have descendants? He has now.)

We of the old Playground are very happy about the transition. We feel we started something good, and the fact that someone else thinks it’s good enough to continue is a wonderful affirmation.

So please welcome the new Playground!

Matthijs Holter
Soon-to-be-ex-Chief Editor of Playground Magazine

8 thoughts on “It Lives Again!

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  7. And the web page has been updated a little bit to reflect the changes to come. One really important thing that’s changed is that you can now subscribe and pay directly from the web page again….

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