We’ve sent out to all of you!

Hi all you wonderful subscribers…

Today Playground #7 was sent out to you all.
This doesn’t mean you’ll have it tomorrow (especially if you’re an International), but at some point in the near future.

HOWEVER, we’ve sent out to ALL of you – including those of you whose subscription ran out at #4, who (still) haven’t paid for the subscription you got at Solmukohta in Finland, and to those of you where we’re in doubt whether you’ve paid or not. We wanted to send you a nice letter too, but due to the intricacies of modern management, that letter failed.

What the letter would have said (and you’ll now be getting it in a mail instead) is:

“Hi people. We love you. We love you even more if you pay for our magazine, and we know our payment web site has been shaky. That’s over now, though. So we’d love you to pay if you haven’t already, and if you were once a subscriber but stopped being so, we’d love to have you onboard again. And if you – by some freak chance – got the magazine without wanting to pay for it and without having promised to… well… consider it a gift to you for having been a subscriber. From Denmark with love… Kasper, Lars and Claus.”

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