The Avatar Condition – An invitation to being controlled

The Avatar Condition

There is no audience.
There are no actors.
The Avatar Condition is something else.
Discover who you become when someone else makes your decisions.

Gabriel Widing from Interacting arts writes about his latest project The Avatar Condition (Avatarvaro in Swedish) which will be running at Turteatern in Stockholm December 8-11. Is neither larp or traditional theatre. It explores the position of the avatar as “an invitation to being controlled”.

The Avatar Condition is made by Albin Werle, Ebba Petrén, Elize Arvefjord, Gabriel Widing, Kerstin Weimers, Klara Backman, Moa Backman and Tova Gerge.

Web: The Avatar Condition
Photo: Gabriel Widing

Update 9/12: Blog post about the testrun: Read it here (English Google translate).

Article by Petter Karlsson

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