Can I Be With You?

Photo: Oak Wattanai Chanakot

Sweden-based artist Oak Wattanai Chanakot is performing a «participatory process work where individuals are invited to experience a close relationship of their choice with me for a short period of time». 

– The participants, who answer an advertisement posted in public forums, describe the plot and the character that I play. The setting of the performance can be in personal private or public places, the artist says.

– I have done several roles since June 2011. For 2 hours to a weekend, I had been a brother, a friend, a boyfriend and something in-between!

– The goal of the performance is to be together as in a close relationship. After each performance, my participant and I would discuss and reflect on our experience.

The picture is from one of his performances.

Web: Can I be with You?
Photo: Oak Wattanai Chanakot

Article by Ole Peder Giæver


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