Standing in line

Kolejka - The Queue

The Polish Institute of National Remembrance (IPN) produces board games for historical education purposes. One of their games, The Queue (Kolejka), tells a story of everyday life in Poland at the tail-end of the communist era.

- At first glance, the task of the 2 to 5 players appears quite simple: they have to send out their family, which consists of 5 pawns, to various stores on the game board to buy all the items on their randomly drawn shopping list, says Katarzyna Hołopiak.

- The problem is, however, that the shelves in the five neighborhood shops are empty…

The IPN is the biggest archive in Poland. The basic tasks of the Institute include: gathering, assessing and disclosing of documentation created by state security agencies in the years 1939-1989.

Kolejka - The Queue - Box

Web: Institute of National Remembrance
Downloadable game: The Queue
Illustration: The Queue board game


2 thoughts on “Standing in line

  1. cade reblogged this on CARE611 and commented: After several serious blogs, I saw this blog article about a Polish game and it made me laugh because of the picture. I don’t know how many times I ran out of McDonald’s in a panic because of the chaos up against the counter. The British know how to form straight lines/cues but the Poles know how to passive aggressively make sure they make it to the front of a line before you. Ha. We are such unique people all over the world. Poland I miss you.

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