Nordic Larp Book

Nordic Larp Book
The Nordic Larp anthology was released in December, and contains 29 different stories about larps that have been held in the Nordic countries the past 15 years.

– The vision of the book was to package the Nordic Larp tradition in a way that communicates the wonder of our way of larping to someone who has never tried it, says Jaakko Stenros, one of the editors.

Classics such as En stilla middag, Europa, Panopticorp, 1942 and Mellan himmel och hav are amongst the games covered.

– We are hoping that in sixty years someone will discover it from the depths of the library of the aesthetics department, and be inspired by it.

The book is 300 pages, has 250 photos, and is printed in full color.

– A central challenge, with any work that tries to capture larp, is that it is ephemeral and subjective. To truly understand it you need to participate, and even then there are as many stories as there are players. We tried to tackle this problem by having numerous voices and points of view in the book, says Stenros.

Webshop: Fëa Livia
Web: Nordi Larp Book

You can also watch a 30 min talkshow about the book made by the Nordic Larp Talks team during the release parties of the book in December.

Photo: Olle Sahlin

Article by Ole Peder Giæver

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